Picture to Story


Any (I’ve cited sixth grade Common Core Standards, but this one can be easily adjusted).

Common Core:


Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences.


Engage and orient the reader by establishing a context and introducing a narrator and/or characters; organize an event sequence that unfolds naturally and logically.


  Students will be provided with a photo. From the photo, they will need to tell the story of “what happened”. The teacher can select a picture that fits with the students.

Nerd Note:

This will use the assignment module. You can have students write their responses on-line or in another program and submit by attaching the document.

Please insert the pictures instead of linking to them. This assures that the pictures won’t break. We have provided links to copyright free pictures (or if you install from our file, the pictures will be included).

Teacher Note:

This is designed to encourage students to write. This can be repeated throughout the year to mark student growth. By providing multiple opportunities for students to write using a similar process, the students can also reflect on their own growth.

This assignment can be adjusted in multiple ways. As part of the directions, please adjust to your student level and instruction that has already occurred. You can certainly use a variety of pictures. In order to respect copyright, we’ve included a couple of pictures as an example.

Nerd Note:

A couple of great sites to find copyright free images are:


Let’s Get Started:

  1. Make sure that you have editing turned on.
  2. Click on “Add an activity or resource”
  3. Select “Assignment” from under the Activity Section.
  1. Click the “Add button”

*Next follow either the Mindless Method or the Mindful Method. The Mindless Method is faster and will get you going with the basics. When you are ready, you can work through the Mindful Method to better understand Moodle and the choices that are available. The Mindful Method will be available for purchase. 

Mindless Method:

Use these instructions to quickly create the Picture to Story assignment. Remember that you can always come back and make adjustments.

  1. Give the Assignment a Name in the text box. We’re using Picture to Story
  2. In the Description box, enter the directions for the student. Be as specific as possible for students. Also add the picture(s) directly into the Description box. To add pictures:
    • Drag a picture from your computer and drop it into the box.
    • Click the image insert button and follow the prompts.
  3. Click the triangle open Submission Types:
    • Select Online text if you want students to type into a box.
    • Select File Submissions if you want to allow students to write in another program and attach their work
    • Select both if you want students to have a choice
    • Our suggestion: Click the box to the left of Online text only. Moodle will allow students to save their work and edit prior to submission.
  4. Click Save and return to course.


Student Directions

Sign into Moodle.

Click on the Assignment “Picture to Story”.

Today you will be using a picture to frame a creative story. Use the picture to stir your creativity. The imagery in the picture should somehow play into your story.

Your story must have a narrator. The story must be at least seven paragraphs. Remember to use your excellent grammar skills. You may add additional pictures and/or images to your story if you wish.

When your story is complete, click the “Submit” button.